MXOtech Newsletter * Winter 2013 - Vol 4. Issue 4  

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by  Joanna Sobran
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Care Management Case Study
Office Expansion
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We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season.  The new year brings changes to MXOtech as our team and office continues to grow.  We also look forward to achieving new goals and continuing to bring superior service to our valued clients.


Valentine's Day is right around the corner and so is National Heart Health Month. Share laughs and chocolate with loved ones as studies show this may be the best medicine for the heart

atlas Atlas Partners and Home Carpet 1  


 MXOtech is excited to announce the addition of two new managed services clients, Atlas Partners and Home Carpet 1.


 Atlas Partners assists our clients by becoming the single-point-of-contact to implement an action plan that can address a company's real estate obligations in the shortest time-frame reasonably possible, which can include sale of assets, lease renegotiation, and the provision of new real estate capital. Third party strategic advisory services are our exclusive business - we are never in the market as a principal.


"You guys are awesome - Skip told him that he was very confident in your ability to fix the problem; and was impressed with your 'calm-headedness!'  Thanks."


Dawn Stevenson




Home Carpet One Chicago's largest flooring retailer, focuses on making the flooring experience both enjoyable and simple. We carry nearly every product that goes on the floor: carpet, ceramic, natural stones, glass mosaics, hardwood, laminate, marmoleum, cork and bamboo, vinyl, area rugs and more. We offer unparalleled one-stop shopping.   


"We have not had a problem that hasn't been address immediately.  We have not been down at all.  MXO contacts our other vendors directly and does not involve us. Everyone feels like we are in good hands.  Our in-house "IT Person", can do her real job rather than chase around vendors. We are thrilled. Money well spent."   Debra Schreier


Carpet One


We want to thank our new clients for choosing MXOtech as their managed IT services solution and look forward to supplying them with our unbeatable customer service and expertise.  

ben Meet Our New Developer, Ben Boyes!

We are excited to welcome Ben Boyes to the MXOtech team! Ben comes to us from SGA Software, Inc, where he was the lead developer of a web CRM system for YMCA's all across the country. He has 10 years in web application development, spending about 8 years working primarily in the open source community and the last 2 in exclusively in .NET. Currently residing in Altoona, PA, Ben and his family enjoy playing sports, particularly soccer, volleyball, tennis and softball and supporting Philadelphia pro sports teams.

Click here to read more about Ben. 


break Breaking Up is Hard To Do 

Break up with old tape drive  


They say breaking up is hard to do; but when it comes to choosing between your old familiar tape drive and risking your company's data, it should be a no-brainer. Tape drives are notorious for failure - and if you are still swapping out tapes as your only backup source, here are 4 reasons you need to break it off:

  • Your tape drive is a cheater. Your tape drive only backs up your data-the information you have physically typed in; but your software programs, network settings, printer and Internet configurations are NOT getting backed up and cannot be recovered from the tape.
  • You could lose an entire day's worth of work. Since tape drives can't perform open file OR continuous backups, if your system crashes at the end of the day, all the documents, entries and work you (and your entire staff) completed that day are toast. Newer virtual backup systems will take a snapshot of your server every 30 minutes, saving your work from going into Never-Neverland.
  • Your tape drive will abandon you when you need it most. You can only retrieve the data from your tape with a compatible tape drive. If you have had your tape drive more than 2 years, it may be a phased out model, no longer available to order. This could mean that when you need to recover your data, you are unable to, even if the data is there.
  • You can't trust a tape drive Tapes have an average failure rate of 100%-they all fail, it's just a matter of when, not if. Plus, you have to remember to swap out tapes every day, which leaves room for human error.

 Click here to read the whole article. 


dual Dual Monitor Increases Productivity 

Add A Second Monitor and Increase Your Productivity


A Simple Hardware Solution that can Really Make a Difference!


How'd you like to increase your office productivity by as much as 40%? Consider adding second monitor to your computer setup. Once you do, you'll never go back to using only one monitor again.  For example, you can open a document or review financials on one monitor and use the other to conduct research on the Web. Or, see your e-mail arrive as you work on that PowerPoint presentation with a tight deadline.  


While increasing productivity, information privacy should always be a priority.  HIPPA regulations suggest protecting screen views with passwords after any short period of inactivity.  Also, screen privacy filters are a great hardware solution. The filters only allow the screen to be viewed by user directly in front of the computer.   


office MXOtech's New Digs! 

The new year completes MXOtech's office expansion and redecorating.  Check out the pictures below to see our updated space!


Entrance       Work space

seating      conference



care Care Management Case Study



It is no secret that the cost and complexity of healthcare has grown exponentially.  Thus, healthcare professionals are concentrating efforts to decrease costs while improving the quality of care.   


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois needed a method to better care for the 10% of their patient population that was responsible for large percentage of the organization's costs.


MXOtech built a web based tool that allowed BCBSIL to give a more personalized and comprehensive approach in managing patients that have multiple and chronic conditions.  BSBCIL was able to cut costs of care, streamline care management and improve the quality of care for patients.


Follow this link to read MXOtech's full case study.  

event Upcoming Events Calendar 

Statewide HIE Governance Models: Public, Private and Hybrid 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 5:00 - 9:00pm
Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL  


Join us as we celebrate another successful year with a lively evening of  networking, dinner, and lessons learned from national and international healthcare reform innovators.  This year's program is "Lessons from the  Innovators - Successes and Challenges of Unique Health Care Delivery Models"

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